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Suggested Topics

  • Money Hangovers: How to Recover (& Avoid Altogether)
  • Building Wealth Without Wealth
  • Investing in Yourself, Your Future, & Your Life
  • Having Grit, Confidence, & Following Your Intuition
  • What Financial Independence Does For Women
  • Talking to your aging parents!

Suggested Questions

  • How can one ensure they’re financially prepared for future challenges?
  • How can busy women own their financial futures?
  • What are common money mistakes we see all the time?
  • What are some ways women can take their business to the next level
    and what are the most important steps to accomplish this?
  • What are some recurring themes you see when it comes to women and money?
  • What are the biggest challenges women business owners face?
  • How can one align with their true nature in order to build wealth?

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Nicholle Overkamp

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“As an experienced speaker, I can take complexities of finance and deliver to audiences in a way that is simple, fun and engaging that will leave them wanting more.

Empowered with our book, Money Bitch, these women will have a guide in their hands to create lasting change and own their future. We have limited bookings throughout the year, and I’d love to speak at your upcoming event!”

Nicholle Overkamp

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