Knock Down Debt Mini Course

Money Coaching

Ditching debt

Creating strategy

Leveraging your options!

Do you

👉 Cringe a little when you swipe your card?

👉 Have a pile of unopened bills because #anxiety

👉 Feel like you want to throw up your hands because those pesky student loans are never going away! 


👉 Do you feel like you have it under control but uncertain if you are paying things off most efficiently?

👉 Unsure of how to best balance saving vs paying off debt

👉 Curious about whether refinancing is a good idea for you? 

This course is about taking a real look at ditching debt, creating a strategy, and leveraging your options!

After this course you will:

👉 Have a firm understanding of your debt numbers and the best way to approach a pay-off plan

👉 Stop feeling overwhelmed by student loans and frustrated with credit card bills

👉 Feel empowered AF about making your loan payments and obliterating debt

👉 Be SUPER confident about paying things off AND saving at the same time

👉 Have an action plan to be intentional with every dollar and know that you are putting your money where your goals are!

👉 See progress and be on your way to your next steps: building real, long-term wealth!


No more guessing about what you own, what you owe, and where to allocate your money! Get clear on how to ditch debt so you focus on building wealth and slaying your money goals.


The Knockout Debt & Get Rich Bitch course covers:

💎 Understanding the impact of your “adult report card”- your CREDIT Score!

💎 How to calculate your net worth (and why that even matters)

💎 Where to start when paying off debt

💎 Debt terms you should know

💎 How to create a personalized Spend Plan that supports a life you love and not just a focus on being frugal



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