Financial Wellness

For Teams

Financial education and having the tools to plan well are a critical component to employees’ health.

Money and finances are a leading cause of STRESS for 48% of  American workers.

What Our Clients Say

Nicholle Overkamp spoke at my team meeting of 60 about agents and she ROCKED!!!! She takes what is usually a dry subject and engages people to make it fun and interesting. We will definitely be inviting her back!!!!

-Karen Mock

President, Keller Williams

We partnered with Nicholle because we wanted to bring unique financial wellness programs to our employer groups.What's special about Nicholle is her passion for helping others and how relatable she is. She doesn't try to sell anything but instead compliments programs our groups may already have. Her workshops are fun, engaging and different than anything that has ever been presented before. She shares her knowledge and expertise with our members in a way that's meaningful to them and their situation. She helps our members understand where they are financially and how to make the best decisions for their future.

Jennifer Picone

Corporate Wellnes Manager, Independent Health

The workshop was very informative for our employees. She spoke in a manner that everyone can relate too. I think it made a real impact on our employees. It helped them better understand how rich RCR'sretirement benefit package is and the importance of it for their future. I am certain we will see an increase in their deferral contributions!

-Armita Lewkowicz

Human Resources, Rochester Clinical Research, Inc.

Thank you to Nicholle Overkamp for your incredible Financial Wellness program for our staff team. At Girl Scouts of Western New York, we are dedicated to supporting our employees, including competitive compensation and benefits and offering personal and professional educational opportunities. The Own Your Financial Future Financial Wellness workshop for our staff was one of the most informative and engaging financial sessions I have ever attended. In a short virtual session our employees learned comprehensive financial information in an accessible way that met our employees wherever they are on their financial journey. I learned new things myself and I have been working professionally for over 20 years. The information was valuable and the presentation style was judgment free and supportive, and so for those who are afraid or nervous to talk about finances, the atmosphere helped people to feel comfortable learning and asking questions. I cannot recommend this workshop enough to employers to offer to your employees. Our staff members asked us to offer this session and the feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive. We plan to make this an annual offering for our staff. Thank you again – it truly was a wonderful session.

-Alison Wilcox

CEO of Girl Scouts of Western New York

I had the pleasure of hearing Nicholle Overkamp speak tonight at the ABWA Meeting. I have been to many NationalConventions over the last 12 years in my industry, and most recently heard Rachel Hollis speak. I must say Nicholle is on par if not more informational and an exceptional speaker. She is passionate, right on point and empowering. I could have listened to her much longer. She really knows her stuff.

-Michelle Freatman


Employees with access to financial wellness programs have over twice the job satisfaction and higher levels of trust than those without access. That higher level of trust is the foundation to high performing teams. Our program will help your teams better understand how to reach their financial goals and give them better control of their financial future.



Power Teams

Our Difference

Instead of…

a typical financial wellness program with passive learning or a one and done seminar with no action plan,

This coaching program:

is designed to invoke action, change and make a positive impact for your employees.

With this program, employees will be given unbiased education along with coaching and support to help encourage employees to take action on financial priorities by giving them the tools needed to do it!

A comprehensive financial wellness program can help employers:




Increase Engagement and Productivity

Happy wellness = happy workers! Booya! 


Reduce absenteeism

Oh my God. They’re all here.




Help employees eliminate money related stress

And makes you a bitchin’ boss!




Results in improved physical & mental health of workforce

When we feel good, we do good.




Increase in retention, strengthen employee satisfaction and loyalty

They’ll actually want to come to work!




Optimize benefits and resources available to your employees

You get what you give! 



Group Financial Wellness Program

This is a custom tailored program. We don’t believe in a one size fitsall approach and tailor to your business and employees’ needs.

We can effectively facilitate our workshops on a 100% virtual platform.


$Quote based on company size and time
  • Monthly 1 hour live virtual workshops
  • Employer to choose topics based on interest. 

  • ✨ Online self-study courses to include bonus topic information, videos, relevant documents and worksheets.

  • These online courses are designed to elaborate on the virtual workshops. They will help reinforce learned materials& include tutorials on how to use included spreadsheets and worksheets.

  • This is important for self-learning or for any individuals who missed the workshop.

Workshop Topics



Employees will receive an overview of: budgeting, paying down debt effectively, investing, insurances, and retirement planning.


Financial power session topics

Including: the Know Your Money Type Quiz and Conversation, Financial Plan Basics, and more!

You are one step away from changing everything

….and we mean EVERYTHING.

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