Episode 11: Own Your Zone of Genius with Renee Patrone Rhinehart
Episode 11: Own Your Zone of Genius with Renee Patrone Rhinehart

Written by Alyson Borowczyk

November 23, 2022

Do you struggle with networking? Feel guilty about delegating tasks or often just do things yourself? On this week’s episode, Nicholle is joined by party planner, entrepreneur, broadcast media professional, & experienced speaker, Renee Patrone Rhinehart! Renee dives into her love for events and how she has transformed the event planning & hosting industry with the lessons she’s learned along the way.

In this conversation, Nicholle & Renee discuss:

  • The importance of building connections & networking
  • Being okay with delegating & why it’s necessary to grow your business
  • Owning your expertise & hiring outside your zone of genius
  • The value of your time & charging what you’re worth

Renee Patrone Rhinehart does more than just host a party to remember.  The founder of two companies, Events by Renee and Party Host Helpers, Renee is now a self-made business leader.

Over the past decade, she has grown Events by Renee into Philadelphia’s premiere wedding planning business.  From the engagement ring to the ‘I do’s,’ Renee has walked dozens of couples down the aisle and into their future with a fabulous celebration.

Renee launched her second business, Party Host Helpers, in 2014 in the Philadelphia area. She realized so many of her hosts were too busy with prepping, serving and cleaning, they usually missed their whole party.  Renee developed the idea of using servers and bartenders to assist at bridal showers, holiday dinners, graduation parties and more.  The helpers do it all – greet guests, mix drinks and unload dishwashers.

But once Party Host Helpers began, the company pique interest outside of Philadelphia.  Now, Party Host Helpers is in more than 30 cities from New York City, to West Palm Beach to Los Angeles.  And continues to grow.

Renee was named “40 Under 40” by the Philadelphia Business Journal in 2017.  Her companies have been named “Best of Philly 2015 & 2018,” “Best of Bergen County, NJ,” and “Best of South Jersey 2018.”

Renee is a new Mom to Baby Reese, a wife and a beach lover!

Learn more about Renee!

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