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Building wealth is all about creating more freedom for yourself! Freedom to do more of WHAT you want, WHEN you want, WITH WHO you want!

You don’t need to be RICH to start building Wealth. You just need to be a Money Bitch! Get ready to invest in yourself! Want to take action and be confident in decisions you’re making? Let’s get started!

Money Bitch

/ˈmənē/  /biCH/

A woman who’s confident in the decisions she’s making, knows her worth and goes after what she deserves. She builds wealth by being authentic to who she is, asking for help, setting boundaries, and taking action!

Power Moves

Here today… There tomorrow

We can’t predict what challenges we’ll be faced with, but we can be financially prepared for them. 

Money doesn’t prevent us from having problems, but it sure does give us options when they occur. 

Building wealth is about making your money work for you – even when you’re not working

You don’t need to be rich to build wealth. Start small and as your wealth grows, the more options you have. 

When a woman builds her own wealth, a man with money isn’t a ladder or an upgrade- he’s a bonus.

First Things First

Own your suck.



Stop chasing

When you’re always working and always chasing, you’re out of alignment with your true nature as a person. You can’t build wealth under stress and overwhelm. You need brain space and the time to refuel. 


No more money hangovers

Oh, hell no. You can’t become a Money Bitch if you’re spending too much on things that don’t serve your future.




It's not always about money

A critical factor in growing wealth is your mindset and sense of self-worth. It’s about setting boundaries, having discipline, and knowing you’re worth EVERY DAMN DOLLAR  you invest in yourself, your future, and your life.


Become a Money Bitch

Grow your wealth and learn the mindset to make it happen!