AI has been a hot topic lately, with impressive programs such as MidJourney, Jasper, Stable Diffusion, and ChatGPT gaining attention. There are all kinds of ways that AI products can be used – from creating parody videos and generating lyrics and blog posts to writing news copy and even automating tasks. It’s safe to say that artificial intelligence can evolve nearly every business. The question is, can it completely revolutionize them? Whatever you think about the AI hype and bandwagon that followed, winners are emerging and the gains aren’t slowing down. You’re next, sister! Be smart, think differently, make the moves that no one else is making, and you might create a business you didn’t realize was possible. Here are a few ways you can use AI to own your business.  

Recruitment And Talent Sourcing

Yep, the struggle is real. 60% of small and medium businesses say they’re missing staff with the right expertise on their marketing teams. Are you not hiring the right people? Smaller businesses often hire marketing generalists—people who can do a little bit of everything but can’t tackle the technical intricacies of, say, performance marketing and conversion rate optimization. AI tools can help fill these expertise gaps while saving businesses a lot of time, which we know you don’t have enough of. Hiring the right team members that share your core values takes time. The typical recruitment process involves posting a job ad, reviewing resumes, and conducting interviews. But that’s not always how things work anymore. Don’t you want to streamline that process and make it easier to find that kick*ss team? While human interaction will always remain a must for hiring the best candidates, many businesses use AI-powered recruitment and talent-sourcing solutions to find skilled candidates efficiently. Talent-sourcing solutions using AI can read a job description in natural language and recommend top candidates based on the described qualifications. Businesses can also use algorithms to identify data patterns in a candidate’s interview answers, resume, social media profiles, and job postings to score and summarize the pros and cons based on all the required job qualifications, making the final hiring decision faster. Businesses find the most suitable candidates faster and candidates hear back if they’ve gotten the position without weeks of waiting.  

Improving Decision-Making

Most of the time, it’s hard for humans to analyze a huge chunk of data. But for AI, that’s like a usual day in the office. With AI, your business can have massive amounts of data available at its fingertips. These advanced technologies identify trends, predict future results and suggest the right action plan. Don’t waste your time on research and contemplation. Use the AI-generated data and research to put these tough decisions to work to achieve the company’s goals and mission. Since AI is more accurate and quicker than humans, it can save time, money, and resources used in manual decision-making. In my opinion, companies will increasingly delegate even their decisions to machine learning models that can draw patterns in data better than humans.  

Create a client-centric approach

AI can help businesses tailor their customers’ needs, wants, and develop on-demand experiences. Think music and television streaming services. By integrating AI algorithms into the app, users are able to create personalized playlists and watch lists. When they open the app, AI can identify their preferred genre and artists and the platform suggests songs, shows, and movies accordingly. AI lets businesses develop a more personalized user experience and reach a whole new level in marketing. Social media algorithms work similarly in that they gather user data to advertise to the needs and interests of the consumer. Do you want to create a strong social media presence but you just don’t have that kinda time? Good news! AI-driven personalized marketing campaigns can help build stronger connections with customers and increase brand loyalty. Use AI to generate social media posts, give you ideas, or even write your blog post and weekly newsletter! AI-powered content creation tools can streamline the content creation process, saving you the time that you DREAD spending on these tasks.  

Automating Tasks

Getting sick of writing weekly news updates, sending emails, and scheduling recurring meetings? You don’t have to waste your time anymore. One of the most significant ways in which AI can enhance productivity is by automating repetitive tasks. Tasks that are repetitive, such as data entry or sorting through emails, can be time-consuming and often lead to burnout. By automating these tasks, you can focus on more meaningful and engaging work that makes you feel fulfilled. Get your team on the same page! AI can also help improve communication and collaboration among teams. Virtual assistants can help schedule meetings, send reminders, and even take notes during meetings. No more watching Zoom meeting playbacks to take notes. When your meeting is over, your work is done! AI can help optimize scheduling by analyzing individual workloads, meeting patterns, and other factors. Now, your entire staff will know when you’re in a meeting based on an automated system that everyone has access to. We’re in the middle of a rapidly evolving paradigm shift. Who knows where it’sgoing to shake out? We certainly don’t. The best any of us can do is try to navigate the new world using the tools we have available. Don’t lay off all of your employees and hire a staff of virtual assistants, but take advantage of what AI has to offer that allows you and your team to be productive. You’re not cheating! These resources are available to you for a reason, so USE THEM! Who knows? You could grow and scale your business faster than ever before with a little help from AI. Ready to own your business? Check out our business coaching online courses!