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  • An entrepreneur in your first few years of business?
  • Motivated and ambitious – but STUCK?
  • Frustrated with how to grow your business and be more profitable?
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Money Bitch Bootcamp

A Course For Financial Planning, How To Develop A Plan For Your Future & Meeting Your Goals


Knock Down Debt

Mini Course!

This course is all about debt and how you can can knock it down, without making major sacrifices! You will start by understanding where you are at now and the best way for you to save money, all while paying down debt. You will learn the debt basics and important terms you need to know. Plus, get access to helpful tools and resources to calculate your real life examples!


Investing 101

Mini Course!

In this mini-course you will gain a basic knowledge of investing and all the terms that go along with it! You will learn what types of questions to ask an investment professional and gain the confidence to make the best decisions for you based on your personalized goals.


A no BS guide for smart women

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Steel Sharpens Steel

We've been there and done that. We became financial experts because of our own struggle with money.  Now, we're on a mission to teach other women how to own their financial futures and make the power moves to build wealth and independence.