Meet Nicholle & Sarah

Nicholle Overkamp


I’m a business coach and wealth advisor.  I’ve found my purpose in life and it’s empowering you to Own Your Future – and I love with what I do every day! 

PowHERhouse Money Coaching was founded for women like YOU – smart, ambitious babes, looking for a trustworthy team to help them reach the goals they dream about.

I want you to feel so proud of what you create and the company you grow and I want you to be unapologetic and own those desires. Anything is figure-out-able. All you need is desire, passion, and commitment  – with a side of discipline.

Whether it’s helping you with your personal money goals or challenging you to take your business to the next level, I’ve got you! With over 10 years of business experience building Wilcox Financial Group from the ground up, I’ve walked in your shoes and have the scars to show it.

I want to teach you what NOT to do, because well, I’ve probably done it. I have been unappreciated, undervalued, overwhelmed, and STUCK. I’ve worked long days with no momentum. I’ve feared judgment and failure. I’ve cried myself to sleep knowing there must be a better way!

Everything changed when I decided to live authentically and listen to MYSELF, to stop listening to the naysayers, and to stay true to what I wanted. Once I started to dig in, give fewer F*cks, and be me… our business started to skyrocket. I trusted my intuition and the fire in my soul.

I knew that as leaders in the financial industry, we needed to help other women to achieve their financial goals in a way that works, is fun, and NOT intimidating. 

Sarah and I accomplished just that. We grew our company to multiple six figures. Stick with me and I’ll show you how to live your authentic purpose and grow your business too!

We understand your journey and want to walk it with you. Our mission is to empower you to Own Your Future so that you can get what you want, simpler and faster with real strategies and solutions, not just products. 

#FUNFACTS about me:

  • My child is my Goldendoodle- Remi! Sometimes, I can be found with a human child, my adorable nephew Howie (who then I can give back to my sister at the end of the day)!
  • My husband Chris and I are all about everything outdoors: Biking, hiking, boating, snowmobiling… you name it. Rarely are we found sitting still.
  •  I LOVE to TRAVEL but I’m poor at planning it (can you relate?).
  •  I “read” at least a book or two a month on Audible. 
  • I am a coffeeholic, a chocoholic, and I have a pretty bad pack-a-day gum addiction.
  • I can’t dance, but I love to do it anyway. 
  • If we have a game night, I apologize in advance… no matter how hard I try I can’t keep my competitive side under control.
  •  I have NO filter, #sorrynotsorry, but I promise to never BS you. 

 If you become a client, you WILL become family.

Sarah Blankenship


I’m a financial planner and wealth coach, and Chief Operating Officer of PowHerhouse Money Coaching. I keep everything moving smoothly in your financial plan and in our company! Being a child of divorce and growing up in a very modest household, I learned at a very young age how important financial security is.

I LOVE OUR BUSINESS because I know from personal experience that there is no better feeling than paying your bills on time, having money in the bank, being able to travel well and often. It thrills me to be able to give generously to my friends and family while knowing I have an amazing retirement in my future. And the best part- doing it all for myself, by myself! 

I purchased my first home at 23, my student loans were paid off by 28, and I have over six figures saved. I know I never have to worry about the “what if’s” of life because that has been planned for. And it feels so damn good. 

Nicholle and I  show people that money can be empowering and fun, not stressful. Whether you seek help by reading our book “Money Bitch”,  buy and download our courses, or you dive all in and book a discovery call, nothing makes my little heart happier than seeing you get the confidence in your financial goals that you deserve. 

 Maybe you made some money mistakes in the past, maybe you went through a rough patch; whatever that obstacle may be -we can help you overcome it (And there is a good chance I’ve been there too). 

What Our Clients Say

“Nicholle Overkamp and Sarah Blankenship are responsible for helping me get my shit together and got me on the right path to become a money bitch!”

– Caitlin Chmura

“I’m so excited for the book Money Bitch! My amazing business coaches and financial planners are badass boss babes who wrote a book! Nicholle Overkamp and Sarah Blankenship are showing me that adulting isn’t as hard as it seems when you have the right team behind you and helping me focus and grow my businesses. I look forward to every conversation with them and highly recommend Wilcox Financial Services and PowHerhouse Coaching to all women looking to strengthen their relationship with money.
Congratulations ladies!”

– Amy Hartl

“Nicholle and Sarah have completely changed my financial future. I felt like I was “too late” in figuring it all out and it was easier to just keep spiraling….

I reached out and after one conversation hired her and Sarah on. I wasn’t judged…I WAS quickly understood, supported, and listened to on what I wanted. We made a plan and they helped me execute even with all of the road bumps.

I’m not perfect at financial health but I certainly wouldn’t be in the place I am without these two kick- ass ladies! They were there even in the “I want this shirt, but shouldn’t buy this shirt” moments and the “how do I make this trip/purchase fit my goals so I don’t lose the memory” moments. It isn’t limiting. You won’t regret this!”

– Caitlin Hoffman

“This is such an eye-opening experience, everyone needs this! These women are wonderful and amazing! I have fully put my finances and trust into there hands and in less than a year we are in a position that I didn’t think was possible! Check them out!”

– Courtney Duncan

“Working with Nicholle as my coach to build and transform my business has been so incredibly valuable it’s hard to put into words. She has not only helped me refine my current skills and learn new ones she has also increased my belief in my abilities. Together we have increased my revenue and worked through some difficult situations. My level of confidence as a business owner has skyrocketed since working with her! Invest in yourself with these girls!!!”

– Tabitha Sweeney, CEO
 Vitality Buffalo

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