In the world of business and finance, success often hinges on the ability to take ACTION and implement goals! To know where to start, it’s helpful to begin with that tried-and-true method of the SMART goal framework: an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. It provides a clear and structured approach to setting objectives. Below we unpack how to consider doing this based on what you want to accomplish over the next year AND what to consider regarding implementation so that they get you results!
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Understanding SMART Goals


Specificity is GOLD: Goals need to be clear and precise. Instead of saying, “I want to increase revenue”, try: “I aim to increase revenue by 15% through new client acquisition and upselling to existing clients.”
Implementation pro tip- Back into your numbers!
  • Take the 15% increase, what do you need to do monthly, weekly, daily to make it happen?
    • How many new clients, what types of programs/products?
    • Does your current pricing and packaging allow for this?
    • Do you need to hire?
  • After addressing above: what needs to happen on a daily basis to ensure you hit that number?
    • How many new people need to be contacted daily?
    • Sales made weekly?
    • Setting up new automations?
    • Referral programs?
  • You must have a SPECIFIC action plan behind every goal!


Track Progress Effectively: A measurable goal allows for tracking progress. Using the example above, how will that be tracked? Will you use a combination of software, excel, notebook? Know what works for you! We find visuals help as well.
Implementation Pro Tip: bake in accountability! Use your team, accountability group, business coach or mentor! It’s easy to give up, let things go or tell yourself ‘later’ but if you know someone is watching or counting on you to make it happen, you’ll be more likely to stick to it! Consider your daily habits and routines and ensure they set you up for success!


Realistic yet Challenging: Goals should be realistic! You aren’t looking to put a spaceship on the moon, BUT you want it to be stretchy. Something that will be possible and exciting that you made it happen!
Implementation pro tip: Start to say a daily mantra and ensure your schedule will allow you to do what needs to get done. Set a goal that pushes you. It’s normal to set goals that protect us against failure. But what if you set BIG goals? Nothing bad will happen if you don’t get there but you might surprise yourself what will happen when you challenge yourself to go all in.


Alignment with Overall Vision: Goals should align with broader business objectives and personal financial values. Are all of the actions and things you’re saying “YES” to part of your long-term game plan OR not? Do you need to ‘release’ some things that aren’t serving you to free up space, resources, and room for other opportunities?
Implementation pro tip: 
Do a time and energy (and STUFF) audit! Pay attention to everything that you are doing, where time and energy are going and what you are spending your money on. Is it aligned and is it getting you the ROI you need to be worth it?


Set a Deadline: Having a timeframe creates a sense of urgency. “Increase the client base by 20% in the next six months” is a time-bound goal that prompts immediate action. Without a deadline- good luck getting it done!
We love following the 12-week year model where annual goals are broken down into smaller, more manageable and exciting “12-week years”! Remember what you do daily matters more than you do once in a while.
If you need support on where to focus so you can thrive this year, reach out!