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It’s Time Step Into Your PowHER

We’re weren’t always a bad ass 7-figure business

We totally know what those peaks and valleys feel like. Giving up has crossed our minds but NEVER BEEN AN OPTION. We went from starting a business with NEGATIVE REVENUE to growing to MULTIPLE SEVEN FIGURES! We’ve seen double digit growth annually, but we got here by making a LOT OF MISTAKES😣!

It took us lots of time and there were periods of slow growth.


Once we realized we were out of alignment with our niche and shifted our direction, we found what it really took to create an authentic business with our IDEAL, DREAM clients and now are living a life where we are able to do WHAT WE WANT, WHEN WE WANT WITH WHO WE WANT!

This success DID NOT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT. We learned the hard lessons before we found what works.   We found  THE SHORT CUTS & THE SWEET SPOT OF GROWTH and we’ll show them to you – taking over a DECADE of experience and condensing it for your accelerated growth.

We’re able to grow and hit these numbers because we asked for help, we were coachable and we learned how to work smart, not HARD and scale!

Ready to LEARN how too? Let’s first make sure you’re in the right place.

Are you on the brink of burnout?

This is for you if..

👉 Want deep connections with like-minded women so you can create a supportive network, feel understood, empowered AND bigger results for your life and business.

👉 Coaching to help stop the chaos + overwhelm so you can finally create the success you’re made for

👉 Want to grow your business + build wealth, but do it in a way that doesn’t burn you out! You’ll learn to intentionally structure business around your ideal lifestyle!

👉 Have a GROWTH mindset, are ready to breakthrough barriers, get uncomfortable and live with high intention! No More Procrastinating!

👉 Know you’re meant for more, but are just a little stuck on the how and what to do to REALLY scale consistently.

👉 You spend to much time on tasks you don’t love to do yet have not been able to release them.

👉 You’re running from one thing to the next, drowning in to-do lists, and struggle with prioritization

👉 You’re overcommitted and completely exhausted at the end of the day

👉 Your mental capacity feels depleted for what’s really important…. YOU, FAMILY, PEOPLE YOU CARE ABOUT


Let’s cut the chaos!

Imagine this….

👉 You meet your personal and business goals every year, living a life that feels truly authentic

👉 You have MORE TIME to do what you want!

👉 You’re in such high demand than you get to pick and choose the projects you work on and the clients you work with

👉 You have the capacity to deepen the relationships that are most important to you

👉 You actually have time in the day to meditate, take a walk, go for a ride, breathe fresh air

👉 You can take days off without guilt or anxiety

👉 You’re truly focused on your zone of genius and have a team supporting you!

👉 You have a fully engaged support system to get you through difficult decisions, hard days and to celebrate all your wins

👉 You show up at the office and in life fully present, feeling confident, and excited about the future



It took years of hard-earned lessons, trial and error, thousands of dollars on coaching, education, blood, sweat and many, many tears!

👉 We didn’t always have the RIGHT TEAM to guide us with the support and the tools we needed. We felt lonely and didn’t know what the right answers were or HOW to get to WHERE WE WANTED TO GO EFFICIENTLY & EFFECTIVELY.

So we BUILT THIS COMMUNITY FOR YOU. WE NEVER, EVER, EVER WANT you to feel like we did.  We’re going to get you through it, and get you to it. 

Our success blueprint works, we’re sharing it with you, so you get where you want  to be…a heck of a lot  QUICKER.

We’re Breaking The Mold

This is not your typical big group coaching program

(those don’t give you the individual attention you need!).

If those traditional masterminds worked, we’d all be living an amazing life and running a successfull business.  The reason we aren’t is because those other group coaching programs stuff in as many people as possible, throw a bunch of information at you, and patronize your willingness to show up. 

That’s not us. 

You’re going to clear on what you want. 

You’re going to be held accountable. 

You’re going to get the help you need to push you through the obstacles. 


To give you what you need, each group is LIMITED TO ONLY 6 WOMEN.

👉 Why?

So, you can establish REAL relationships and get plenty of 1:1 hotseat time in EVERY SINGLE SESSION.


Yep, we’re taking you out of the comfy zone and into your next level of greatness. The only way to get there is through the hotseat, not the pedi chair.

We’re going all in and you’re coming with us.


What Our Clients Say

"I highly recommend the PowHerhouse. Starting a new business is hard and starting a new business during the COVID-19 pandemic is even more challenging. Fortunately, I have joined the PowHerhouse MasterMind. This Group Coaching Program has been incredibly productive and helpful for me as a navigate through my first year of business. Nicholle and Sarah have a strong knowledge of business start-ups, both from their own experience and from their extensive networking and involvement in the business community. They’ve provided me with direction/guidance, resource referrals, weekly accountability/structure, support during tough times and tough love when I need it. To add to the value of the experience, the program is a group coaching experience, which has been a huge plus! I’ve met some amazing, intelligent, brave and talented women who have provided shared learning, support, friendship, laughs and even a shoulder to cry on. Nicholle, Sarah and the entire group of women in this program provide me with such inspiration, knowledge and support. I am thrilled and honored to have this community behind me! Thank you Nicholle and Sarah for making this experience possible for me."

– Fran Rico, Owner, Emily Anna Boutique

"As a realtor and an entrepreneur, I’m always looking for ways to improve and grow my business. I decided to seek professional coaching for guidance and accountability so I can reach my goals efficiently. Nicholle * Pointed me in the right direction, * Gave me all the short cuts, * Introduced me to the systems I needed, * Took the time to understand the 'why' behind my goal, * And pushed me outside of my comfort zone to become great!! Not to mention that she will stay on you until the task is completed, which kept me focused despite all the distractions. I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish my business goals without her!! My advice from experience, invest in bettering yourself and your business and you will see the return on your investment. Of course you have to do your part, put in the work and effort needed!"


-Enas Latif, CEO- The Enas Latif Team

Extreme Value!

What You’ll get



Lifetime access of our Money Bitch courses, worksheets, templates and systems. You’ll also get real time updates as we add fresh information!



Monthly Group Hot-Seat Coaching Calls with Nicholle for One Year. SHE MAKES YOU OWN YOUR SUCK!



Anytime Access to the Mastermind Community + Coaching via WhatsAPP for the year (6 days a week!).



Each month we’ll partake in a virtual networking session where you can learn from us, learn from one another, and get access to other women in the business community who aren’t in your Mastermind group. Build friendships, leverage connections, and take the opportunity to ask for help!



Weekly Accountability check-ins on WhatsApp with an accountability coach.


What Our Clients Say

Ready to make an investment with guaranteed returns if you commit to show up? Apply Now! 

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