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Push past the bullsh*t that’s holding you back

Need a change in your business?!

Ditch the anxiety and build your empire!

⚡️Are you at an inflection point in your business and feeling stuck?

⚡️Is burn out pushing to the BRINK and you’re this close to DONE?!

⚡️Are you an all-in business owner who absolutely LOVES what you do, but just need a little help getting through a rough patch(es)?!

Well sister, you’ve come to the right place.

Being in business for more than 10 years and scaling to 7 figures has been NO easy task, FOR SURE. I’ve almost thrown in the towel more times than I can count.

But in those moments, do you know what I did?


If you’re expecting yourself to handle growing a business all on your own, that’s a recipe for failure, my friend.

Let me show you how to push through the tough sh*t and attain new levels of success – all while streamlining your systems and creating time for WHO and WHAT you want.

Course Curriculum

What we’ll cover

⚡Setting healthy boundaries and how to have those conversations!

⚡Knowing your value and getting paid what your worth!

⚡Understanding PROFIT vs. Revenue and knowing the numbers that matter most

⚡Hacks for adding time to your day, being more productive and avoiding burn out

⚡Creating systems and processes to streamline chaos

⚡How to scale and when to consider growing your team

⚡Getting unstuck and standing out in your industry

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Nicholle Overkamp
You can DO this, sister!

I’m Nicholle, and I’m a business coach that has BEEN there.

I’m Nicholle, and I’m a business coach that has BEEN there.

Let’s be REAL – building a business is hard work! It will beat you up and test each limit you have.

To be brutally honest, there have been SO many times I’ve wanted to throw in the towel. I’ve cried myself to sleep, I’ve questioned if I was good enough, smart enough or brave enough.

I’ve gone from starting my company from ground zero, negative cash-flow on a shoestring with the cards stacked against me to 7 figures and YOU CAN TOO!

At some point, I’ve probably felt how you’re feeling. The truth is, if you’re in love with what you’re doing and passionate about your mission, you have what it takes to be successful!

Sometimes we just need guidance, support and the right coach to get us to the next level! I’m here to help show you the shortcuts so that you can avoid the mistakes I made. I want to help speed up your process so you can get what you want quicker and more efficiently!

Dive in and get after it! 

Real-life results

Business Accelerator has helped SO many entrepreneurs get. it. DONE.

Business Accelerator has helped SO many entrepreneurs get. it. DONE.

Working with Nicholle as my coach to build and transform my business has been so incredibly valuable it’s hard to put into words. She has not only helped me refine my current skills and learn new ones she has also increased my belief in my abilities. Together we have increased my revenue and worked through some difficult situations. My level of confidence as a business owner has skyrocketed since working with her! Invest in yourself with these girls!!!

Tabitha Sweeney

Owner, Vitality Buffalo

The Business Accelerator course is fantastic! I feel the course speaks to you no matter where you are in your business journey. Their relatable stories and videos are a tremendous help and to the point. Yes, and of course, the worksheets are an asset. I honestly can not say enough, you need to try it yourself!

Jill Monahan, CEO

Monahan Real Estate & Development, & Cash Auctions

This was AMAZING! The presentation was real, no nonsense, with clear language. I didn’t feel spoken down to, but empowered and like I was given a solid plan of what to do next to take my business to the next level. It was the perfect introduction to Nicholle and Sarah, and made me feel confident in our decision to invest in their business coaching program!

Alyson O’Connor

Owner, Rust Belt Love

Thank you Nicholle for your course! I loved hearing all the positive things I need to be doing to help on my journey for success. You can’t hear it enough!!!!!! Now to put all those great suggestions to good use as I reach for my best self.

Mary Quinn

It’s time to LEVEL UP!

Grab the Level Up replay and get clear on what you need to do to OWN your business goals!

It’s time to LEVEL UP!

Enroll in Business Accelerator and break through the roadblocks on your journey to OWNING your business!