Core values are essential to living an authentic, successful life. They form the foundation of your beliefs and inform everything from how you interact with others, to the way you manage your time. But unfortunately, most people don’t take enough time to reflect on what their core values truly are – or if they even have them at all!

That’s why it’s important for us as women to invest in ourselves and develop our personal core values. It starts with taking stock of who we are, understanding our motivations and creating meaningful goals.

Here’s a 3-step approach that can help make this process easier:

Step 1: Select 4 people who you admire.

When it comes to selecting four people who we admire, it can be helpful to start by reflecting on the values we find most important in life. Do we appreciate ambition and hard work? Do we value creativity and resilience? Or do we seek out those who practice kindness and generosity? Once we’ve taken the time to identify our core values, the next step is to think of individuals from our lives — past or present — who embody these ideals in a meaningful way.

For some of us, this could include family members or close friends who have inspired us with their accomplishments. It might also include successful businesspeople, athletes, or other public figures whose actions demonstrate the qualities we strive for. We can also consider historical figures like Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, or Mahatma Gandhi — all of whom exemplified great courage and determination in the face of tremendous adversity.

By taking a few moments to reflect on four people that have made an impact in our lives, whether directly or indirectly, it gives us greater insight into which values are most significant to us. This understanding can then help inform positive changes in how we live our own lives – from becoming more organized and productive with our time management skills to deepening relationships with others through acts of kindness. Ultimately, by recognizing which actions resonate most deeply with us on a personal level, it helps shape each decision we make going forward.

Step 2: Write out exactly what it is you admire about these people, in as much detail as possible.

When thinking about these admired individuals and the values they represent, it is important for us to take into account not only what they have achieved but also how they achieved it – as well as their attitudes along the way. It could be in regards to their ambition and drive; their commitment and dedication; their creativity and resilience; or even their kindness and generosity towards others. All of these traits contribute to making them admirable people that we may want to emulate in our own lives.

Also, when writing out exactly what it is you admire about these individuals, try to provide as much detail as possible – including facts such as specific achievements they accomplished, whether professionally or personally – combined with reflections based on firsthand experiences or stories you’ve heard that demonstrate the admirable traits they possess. This could include accounts from colleagues about a team member’s hard work ethic; or family tales highlighting a relative’s selflessness during times of need; or anecdotes from historians that illustrate an inspiring leader’s undying courage under pressure. Taking this extra effort will help provide further clarity regarding what values you wish to cultivate within yourself going forward.

Step 3: Look at what you’ve written and pull out of it the most important things you need to emulate in your own life – these are your core values.

After reflecting on the four people we admire, it is important to take some time to consider what traits we need to emulate in our own lives. The most important aspects of this process are understanding which qualities resonate most deeply with us and then taking actionable steps that will help bring these values into our daily routines.

For example, if ambition and hard work are values we want to embody, this could involve setting clear goals for ourselves and taking the necessary steps — such as developing a daily plan or tracking our progress — to ensure that these objectives are met.

Ultimately, by recognizing which actions align most closely with our personal core values, it helps shape each decision we make going forward — from how we spend our time and money to how we interact with others around us. Taking ownership of these decisions not only allows us to become better versions of ourselves but also increases the likelihood that others will recognize the admirable traits within us too.

Now that you’ve identified your personal core values, what’s next?

Now that you’re clear on who you are and what you need out of life, you’re ready to act. Setting clear and actionable money goals will allow you to own your financial future and attain those other very important goals you’ve set for yourself – whether that’s more time with family, travel, or attaining the next level in your business.

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