Meet Our Team

Hey there! Our names are Stephanie, Laura, Nicholle, Sarah, and Miranda, and we’re the PowHERhouse Team.

About Us

Hey there! Our names are Stephanie, Laura, Nicholle, Sarah, and Miranda, and we’re the PowHERhouse Team.

Whether you want to transform your relationship with money or grow and scale your business (or both!), we would love to be the coaches in your corner.

Whether you want to transform your relationship with money or grow and scale your business (or both!), we would love to be the coaches in your corner.

Whether you want to transform your relationship with money or grow and scale your business (or both!), we would love to be the coaches in your corner.

Meet Our Team

Hey there! Our names are Stephanie, Laura, Nicholle, Sarah, and Miranda, and we’re the PowHERhouse Team.

About Us

Hey there! Our names are Miranda, Laura, Stephanie, Sarah, and Nicholle, and we’re the PowHERhouse Team.

About Us

Whether you want to transform your relationship with money or grow and scale your business (or both!), we would love to be the coaches in your corner.

Whether you want to transform your relationship with money or grow and scale your business (or both!), we would love to be the coaches in your corner.

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Our Values

We are committed to helping each and every one of our clients build a life they love. YOUR goals are OUR goals!

  • Communication

    The only way we are able truly help you and get the results you want is by clear and vulnerable communication. Our firm has grown and gotten through difficult times and came through the other side. Communication and ability to articulate what we need, what you want, and how you want to achieve something is one of the best pathways to success.

  • Trust

    Trust is a non-negotiable. You need to trust us to show up and be vulnerable, AND we need to trust you that you’re going to do the work. We are all investing in each other. Trust is the foundation of ALL good relationships, and ours is no exception.

  • Integrity

    Integrity is what we do when nobody is looking. We are committed to being a trustworthy company, and we promise to act in our client’s best interests and positively contribute to our community. We practice what we preach!

  • Grit

    What we needed and what you will need to get through life – period. Life is hard, but you’re tougher than you think, and grit will get you through. Persevering through the tough shit allows you to THRIVE. The person who is the most successful is the grittiest, not the smartest.

  • Freedom

    Freedom is the ultimate goal. Everything we are doing, working for, educating you on, and building as a company is creating freedom. Want you to be able to do what you want, when you want, with who you want, and live the life that you deserve.

  • Authenticity

    Be who you are, your unique and beautiful self – and we will love you anyways. We want everyone to show up authentically, and we’ll never pass judgment. We don’t want you to feel like you ever need to anything else but YOU.

  • Perseverance

    We are always committed to walking with you through your struggles and providing support, tools, and education to get what you want. We will help you shift your mindset to always see the finish line and know that every day you are working  towards your overarching mission, vision, and purpose.

  • Security

    Our ability to feel secure relieves anxiety, stress, and uneasiness. Our goal is to help our clients build a safety net so they can wake up each day knowing that they are taken care of – that they are truly and wholly secure.

  • Harmony

    Harmony is the beautiful feeling of self-defined balance. True harmony is achieved when we successfully integrate all of our priorities. We will help our clients develop the ability to thread the needle through your company, work, personal life, self, friends, making sure that where your focus is your energy is going and feels in alignment where you want to be.

Rosanna Berardi

summit speaker

Rosanna Berardi, Esq.

CEO, High Wire Woman
Managing Partner, Berardi Immigration Law

Rosanna Berardi is a lawyer, mother, and entrepreneur. She built her immigration law firm, Berardi Immigration Law, from her home apartment to a multi-million-dollar company in 17 short years. She is a sought-after speaker and has been featured in Forbes, The Los Angeles Times, Politico and The National Post. She is an Adjunct Professor at SUNY Buffalo School of Law. Rosanna is also the CEO of High Wire Woman, a consulting firm that provides systems and solutions to working women.

Talk Name
How to Do Everything Without Doing Anything at All

How many times have you thought “how am I supposed to do all of these things in one day?” Between making lunches, doing laundry, climbing the corporate ladder and walking 10,000 steps a day, the average women’s “to-do list” is way too long. Rosanna Berardi, lawyer, entrepreneur and mom, will share how she does it all. Learn tried and true shortcuts-apps and services that will knock off so many things from your list. You can do it all–without doing anything at all with these tips!

Nicholle sitting on desk

Meet the Team

Nicholle Overkamp


I’m a business coach and wealth advisor.  I’ve found my purpose in life and it’s empowering you to Own Your Future – and I love with what I do every day!

I want you to feel so proud of what you create and the company you grow and I want you to be unapologetic and own those desires. Anything is figure-out-able. All you need is desire, passion, and commitment  – with a side of discipline.

Whether it’s helping you with your personal money goals or challenging you to take your business to the next level, I’ve got you! With over 10 years of business experience building Wilcox Financial Group from the ground up, I’ve walked in your shoes and have the scars to show it.

I want to teach you what NOT to do, because well, I’ve probably done it. I have been unappreciated, undervalued, overwhelmed, and STUCK. I’ve worked long days with no momentum. I’ve feared judgment and failure. I’ve cried myself to sleep knowing there must be a better way!

Everything changed when I decided to live authentically and listen to MYSELF, to stop listening to the naysayers, and to stay true to what I wanted. Once I started to dig in, give fewer F*cks, and be me… our business started to skyrocket. I trusted my intuition and the fire in my soul.

I knew that as leaders in the financial industry, we needed to help other women to achieve their financial goals in a way that works, is fun, and NOT intimidating. Sarah and I accomplished just that. We grew our company to multiple six figures. Stick with me and I’ll show you how to live your authentic purpose and grow your business too!

We understand your journey and want to walk it with you. Our mission is to empower you to Own Your Future so that you can get what you want, simpler and faster with real strategies and solutions, not just products.

#FUNFACTS about me:

  • My child is my Goldendoodle- Remi! Sometimes, I can be found with a human child, my adorable nephew Howie (who then I can give back to my sister at the end of the day)!
  • My husband Chris and I are all about everything outdoors: Biking, hiking, boating, snowmobiling… you name it. Rarely are we found sitting still.
  •  I LOVE to TRAVEL but I’m poor at planning it (can you relate?).
  •  I “read” at least a book or two a month on Audible.
  • I am a coffeeholic, a chocoholic, and I have a pretty bad pack-a-day gum addiction.
  • I can’t dance, but I love to do it anyway.
  • If we have a game night, I apologize in advance… no matter how hard I try I can’t keep my competitive side under control.
  •  I have NO filter, #sorrynotsorry, but I promise to never BS you.

If you become a client, you WILL become family.

Meet the Team

Sarah Blankenship


I’m a financial planner and wealth coach, and Chief Operating Officer of PowHerhouse Money Coaching. I keep everything moving smoothly in your financial plan and in our company! Being a child of divorce and growing up in a very modest household, I learned at a very young age how important financial security is.

I LOVE OUR BUSINESS because I know from personal experience that there is no better feeling than paying your bills on time, having money in the bank, being able to travel well and often. It thrills me to be able to give generously to my friends and family while knowing I have an amazing retirement in my future. And the best part- doing it all for myself, by myself!

I purchased my first home at 23, my student loans were paid off by 28, and I have over six figures saved. I know I never have to worry about the “what if’s” of life because that has been planned for. And it feels so damn good. 

Nicholle and I  show people that money can be empowering and fun, not stressful. Whether you seek help by reading our book “Money Bitch”,  buy and download our courses, or you dive all in and book a discovery call, nothing makes my little heart happier than seeing you get the confidence in your financial goals that you deserve.

Maybe you made some money mistakes in the past, maybe you went through a rough patch; whatever that obstacle may be -we can help you overcome it (And there is a good chance I’ve been there too).

Sarah sitting at her desk
Stephanie sitting at her desk

Meet the Team

Stephanie Appenheimer

Office Manager

My name is Stephanie Appenheimer, Office Manager, and I joined the PowHERhouse & Wilcox team in July of 2020. I have a B.S. in Criminal Justice from Medaille College and previously worked in Higher Education.

I first met Sarah in 2019 at a workshop and immediately scheduled a financial check up with her. I loved her idea of a Spend Plan vs. a budget and wanted to learn more. At the financial check up I met with Nicholle instead, (Sarah was stuck at the Post Office, aka her least favorite place), and immediately signed up to work with them! I value education and wanted to learn all things money. From being a client first, I got to experience our mission in action and what it means to own your financial future. I am still on my money journey and am building my Money Bitch confidence to live the life I want every day.

As the Office Manager, I work to help our team stay organized and on task. From managing projects to coordinating events, I love bringing our ideas to life! But my favorite part of my job is working directly with clients and being part of their money journey and supporting them along the way.

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I LOVE dogs! Remi is my best friend, and I am a dog mom to the cutest beagle in the world.
  • I LOVE Buffalo! Born and raised, this is my favorite place to be. I love finding new spots to shop, eat, and explore.
  • I LOVE to read! You will never catch me without a book.

Summit speaker

Marina Byezhanova

Co-Founder, Brand of a Leader

Marina Byezhanova is an entrepreneur, global speaker & university instructor. Co-Founder of a personal branding agency called Brand of a Leader, Marina has been quoted and referenced in such publications as,, Fast Company, Success Magazine, Wall Street Journal and the Financial Post, and has spoken to audiences of entrepreneurs and business executives in North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. She is a tenured member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), having served in local, regional, and global leadership roles.

Marina’s mission is to inspire entrepreneurs to speak up, stand out, and to be radically authentic through the power of building their personal brands.

Talk Name
Personal Branding Masterclass

For every 100 men who are promoted from entry-level roles to manager positions, only 87 women are promoted, and only 82 women of color are promoted. We hope that our impeccable work ethic and results will speak for themselves. And yet, they don’t.

Are you investing time in growing your reputation, establishing yourself as the thought leader in your field, and making your results known at scale?

In our session, we will talk about a tool that will help you stand out, take control of your reputation, and build your thought leadership. This tool is building your personal brand. We will discuss the what, the why, and the how of personal branding. Our goal will be to demystify this frequently talked about, yet often misunderstood, topic and to equip you with tools to build your own brand that will allow you to stand out while remaining radically authentic.

Marina Byezhanova

Meet the Team

Miranda Light

Administrative Assistant

Hello all! My name is Miranda Light, I am the administrative assistant for PowHERhouse. I help out with social media, our podcast behind the scenes, and planning our future events! I have previously worked in the newspaper business and in wholesale insurance. Outside of the office, I am a certified Yoga Instructor, dancer, model, and volunteer Firefighter. I love making an impact, creating, and connecting communities together. In my free time I love to spend time with my dog, in nature, traveling, and with loved ones.

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I am vegan
  • My dreams for the future is to create a space that preserves wildlife and brings people together to relax and reset.
  • I always enjoy learning and trying something new.
Miranda sitting at her desk
Andrea Heuston

summit speaker

Andrea Heuston

CEO & Founder, Artitudes and Lead Like a Woman

Andrea Heuston, the dynamic CEO of Artitudes and the force behind the Lead Like a Woman

Movement, brings her vibrant personality, creative expertise, and speaker coaching skills to every endeavor. With a passion for communication and a knack for captivating audiences, she transforms ordinary presentations into extraordinary experiences. In her engaging speeches and workshops, she combines her entrepreneurial insights with her expertise in communication to empower attendees to unleash their full potential. Andrea inspires participants to embrace authenticity, discover their strengths, and master the art of impactful communication. Get ready to be inspired, elevate your communications skills, and create connections with any audience – be it one-on-one or one-on-50,000 – for lasting impact.

Talk Name
Connecting with Your Audience For Impact

In this dynamic and engaging mini-workshop, we will delve into the art of connecting with your audience to make a lasting impact. As communicators, leaders, and individuals with stories to share, we often find ourselves seeking ways to captivate our listeners and leave a powerful impression. Today, we will explore three essential pillars that will help us achieve just that: the captivating power of storytelling, the significance of defining our “why,” and the art of connecting authentically with our audience.

Summit speakerS

Kait Gannon & Laurie Krull

Founders of Mezzo Allies, Inc.

Kait Gannon is a survivor of Family Controlled Sex Trafficking, the host of the podcast The Ugly Truth About the Girl Next Door and now the Executive Director for Mezzo Allies, Inc. Kait has lived experience as a survivor. After multiple escape attempts out of her trafficking, Kait took to a podcast to once and for all break the silence and get the help that had been missing for over two decades of her life. She, along with her co-host Laurie, have shed new light on the specific issues surrounding family controlled trafficking. What was born out of desperation for help gained traction among the community and other survivors. This sparked the idea for Mezzo Allies, Inc. Mezzo is the Italian word for “the middle”, a word for which Kait and Laurie have referred to as the space between victim and survivor. Kait and Laurie now speak on the tenacity and determination it takes both survivor and their advocates to walk through this messy space to the other side of healing and safety. Kait is a mom of three young kids and a fierce advocate for those who need her help.

Laurie Krull, LCSW-R is a clinical social worker, co-host of the podcast The Ugly Truth About the Girl Next Door and Clinical Director for Mezzo Allies, Inc. Laurie has over 30 years of clinical experience specializing in foster care/adoption and trauma. Laurie met Kait in 2017 which was the start of her journey toward safety, freedom and healing.

Talk Name
Journey Through the Middle

In this session, Kait & Laurie will walk through the real-life experiences of multiple escape attempts made by Kait as a survivor of family controlled trafficking. Together, they will highlight the struggles, the highs and lows, the whiplash of each time there was hope and then it was gone, and the tenacity and determination it took to get to the point they’re are at now. This session is more than a narrative. It will focus on empowering women to do the same, whatever their circumstances are, there is always a way forward.

Laura working on online courses

Meet the Team

Laura Hodges

Virtual Assistant

Laura Hodges, DPT, MS, ATC works part-time as a Virtual Assistant for PowHERhouse Money Coaching while also employed as VP of Operations for another small business. Laura is among those that switched careers amidst the pandemic. She worked 17 years as a Physical Therapist and wanted a career with more flexibility and better work-life balance. She grew up in West Seneca, NY before pursuing her undergraduate education at Wingate University, NC where she was an academic All-American member of the softball team. She continued her education at the University of Houston where she received a Master’s in Science while working as a graduate assistant Athletic Trainer for the sports teams. From there, she moved to Chicago to attend Northwestern University and received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She stayed in the Chicago area for 10 years after graduation before returning to the Buffalo area to be closer to family. When not working, her and her husband, Tony, enjoy remodeling their home. She enjoys skiing and kayaking with her son, Jacob. You can regularly find her working out, biking and walking her Bernedoodle puppy Baxter.

Fun facts:

  • I have lived in 6 different states and traveled to 32!
  • My dad was in the movie “The Natural” as a member of the baseball team.
Nicholle sitting on her desk

Our Story

Becoming PowHERhouse

Being in the financial services industry from the time I was 20 until now has given me a tremendous amount of perspective in the gaps that we need to fill when it comes to women, money, and mindset. There were so many barriers that I saw: women were underestimating themselves, doubting themselves, not giving themselves enough credit, and not confident enough to ask the questions. It was holding them back from getting paid what they’re worth, taking the opportunities that they had, and all of the rights in the world to take and building wealth. I also saw how they were treated from men or other people who are just trying to sell things versus empowering them to take the actions they needed to take to get to where they’re going.

PowHERhouse was created to fill the gap that we were not able to fill through Wilcox Financial, through traditional financial planning and advice. There was so much that needed to be done from the money mindset perspective. When we do a financial plan for someone, we want to ensure that they have a healthy relationship with money established to be able to get the results that they deserve.

Building a financial planning business, I felt so incredibly lonely. I was on my own island. People thought I was an absolute lunatic. I was constantly told I was going to fail, or I wasn’t good enough or I wasn’t smart enough. in the beginning, I was completely ignorant to what it even meant to build a business. I got to learn those expensive lessons, and through that experience, I’ve also realized that women need more support and more community. I don’t want anyone to feel the pain I felt, to feel is lonely as I felt. I’m really learning how to do that and having it be less terrifying and lonely.

Our business coaching program was literally created to not only to avoid all that, but also help solve the problem female business owners came to us with over and over again:

“I got this far but I don’t know how to get to that next point. I’m at an inflection point in my business.”

We really wanted to create this program where we can take all of the lessons that we have learned, all of the things that we have done, the things that were successful and teach them to everybody else, but then also give women the steps in the confidence and support they need to make it to where they want to go with business so that they can in fact thrive and get out of their own way. Sometimes you just need to be called out and be held accountable. We learned from personal experience with coaching just how powerful this can be, and we wanted to help other female business owners become powHERhouses in their own right.

– Nicholle

summit speaker

Nicholle Overkamp

Founder & CEO, Wilcox Financial Group and PowHERhouse Money Coaching

Talk Name
From Passion to Prosperity: Transforming Your Purpose into Wealth

Join Nicholle Overkamp in a transformative session that bridges the gap between your deepest passions and financial prosperity. In “From Passion to Prosperity,” Nicholle shares her expert insights on how to dismantle limiting beliefs and align your daily life with your true purpose, creating a clear path to financial freedom. This talk is designed to empower you with practical wealth-building strategies, tailored to a life lived with intention and alignment. You’ll learn how to make informed decisions that not only cater to your immediate needs but also pave the way for long-term fulfillment and freedom. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a business owner, or someone seeking to infuse your financial decisions with your personal values, this talk will provide the tools and inspiration to turn your unique passions into a prosperous and fulfilling life.

Let’s reach those goals – together!

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