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Self-Care is the New Healthcare

The other day, as I checked off one item on my to-do list, I added two more! The list is never ending, and I’ll admit I LOVE the hum of being a workaholic and always having something impactful to chase. As a financial advisor, business coach and CEO of 2 companies, I’m constantly on the go as an active student, moving and changing with industry demands, client needs and expectations all the while trying to be ahead of the innovation curve!

Despite the fact that I’m obsessed with what I do every day doesn’t stop me from being human, having days that burn me out, kick my ass and make me absolutely exhausted. Loving what you do doesn’t mean you love every day. I’ve learned the hard way that to be at the top of my game, I need to break, slow down, and love up on ME

After finding myself in the emergency room 8 years ago from exhaustion and an ulcer, I realized I needed to make some MASSIVE changes and start focusing on what I needed to do to take care of myself better so I can ultimately be the best for everyone else. I also needed to make big changes if I wanted to see my 27th Birthday. The burn-out and lack in mental health was real and it REALLY kicked my ass… all the way to the hospital. Giving me a big huge bill and a reality check that it was time to slow down and take some reflection. 

Adding self-care into my everyday routine has CHANGED MY LIFE. And, yes, everyday! Believe me, there’s time and my self-care practices won’t break the bank. Even when building a business and juggling everything else in life, the things that bring me the most joy, peace, and calm, COST NOTHING. Here are 3 ways I practice self-care that you can add to your life (TODAY), without killing your budget!

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Attitude Adjustment

Ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed and you declare the rest of the day no good? Even if the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming, the day has already started on a negative note. The rest of the day must be negative too, right? Sister, it does not have to be this way. All you need is an attitude adjustment… an attitude of gratitude! Every morning when I wake up, I practice gratitude. I imagine what is on my schedule for the day and list five things I am truly grateful for. This part of my morning routine is non-negotiable. It helps me start my day off right and puts me in a positive mindset.

What is your morning routine like now? Can you wake up 5 minutes earlier to start your gratitude practice? Make your practice special to you. You can lay in bed and list your 5 things, say them while you are brushing your teeth, or write them in a journal or notebook. Your 5 things can be big or small! As big as getting a new job or as small as getting all green lights on the way home from work. Beautiful things are all around us, you just have to look for them. Find the beauty in your life and express gratitude daily. Watch how it changes your life, plus keeps your cash inside your wallet!

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My Favorite Mantra: I get to, I don’t have to.

So many of the things we gripe about are a tremendous privilege. Perspective is power. If I am having a tough day, I repeat my mantra aloud to give me a boost of courage and motivation. Create a mantra that is meaningful to you & add it to your self-care toolkit for when you need it most!

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Time Block & Get Off TikTok

My most valuable, AND FREE, self-care tool is time blocking. Every single day I block out time FOR ME to do something I love. I choose to workout or take a walk where I can listen to a book or podcast. This time allows me to decompress and take my mind off the daily grind. Whether a biography or work of fiction, I choose something inspiring to help me reset and put life into perspective. I practice time blocking daily & try to go on a nature hike outside my neighborhood once a month. I connect with nature to work through my emotions, forcing myself to be with myself, alone. During this time, I can think of what has been bothering me, sort my thoughts, and solve things I need to take care of. Doing this helps me build up my confidence to have uncomfortable conversations and act on things I have been putting off.

What do you love to do? Meditation, yoga, dancing, reading, working out? Choose something that brings you joy and a sense of peace. Don’t think you have time? Check your schedule again! How many minutes a day do you spend on your phone scrolling through Facebook or TikTok? Checking out the latest news or watching a couple of episodes on Netflix? You CAN find time to block off to do something completely for yourself. I schedule this time in my calendar everyday and build everything else around it. This is non-negotiable. Make it non-negotiable in your life too! This is literally YOUR FREE time!

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Self-Love is Self-Care

The media often stigmatizes self-care as getting your hair done, spa day with the girls, or a shopping spree- time to treat yourself! There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of these things. But I have found when I buy stuff to make myself feel better, it is only temporary. The stuff is a band aid versus a healing process. Self-love should be synonymous with self-healing. Finding ways to deeply connect with the self and moving forward is an act of self-love. I practice self-love by asking myself, “What do I need?”. Do I need to spend time with family & friends? Do I need calm healing? Do I need to work on something I have been meaning to do?

This may be hard to do, but give yourself some tough love. Ask yourself, “What do I need?”. If this question is hard, it is probably good for you. It means you’re growing! Sit with this question and explore the things you need to help you heal and find your peace. Doing this is loving yourself and taking care of you. Find some paper and write out your thoughts or record them in an app on your phone. Reflect on your feelings and discover what you need most to heal, to love yourself. This may not be easy and can take some time, but it doesn’t cost a cent.  

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Keep your Money, Honey!

Self-care doesn’t have to be expensive or cost anything at all. No swiping your credit card needed! It can definitely be fun to go out and get a massage or your hair done every once in a while. But practicing gratitude, blocking time for yourself every day, and discovering the things you actually need, are ALL FREE! Your wallet remains untouched and you can live more intentionally and positively. Even if you do wake up on the wrong side of the bed, you can still have a good day. Build up your self-care toolkit right now! Add one new thing to your routine and find ways to practice self-care that works best for you. Sister, self-care is powHERful. Keep loving you! I want to know what things you do for self-care and how we can support you on your own self-care journey. Book a FREE discovery call today and join our FREE Money Bitch Community Facebook group! 

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