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Are You Thinking About Retirement?!

If you are entering the workforce, retirement is probably the last thing on your mind (but it shouldn’t be). Or if you are closer to retiring, do you think you are all set? It is never too early to start thinking about AND saving for retirement, no matter your age! Having a plan that meets your expectations is important, whether you are close to retiring or not. What you want and what works for you can be different than your colleagues, friends, and family. Planning well for the retirement you desire takes thought, discipline, and education. You do not have to plan alone, sister!


Let’s start with the fun part! Close your eyes and imagine what retired life looks like to you. Dream a little (even if it seems so far away)!!! Do you want to travel? Buy a boat? Take up a hobby now that you have more time? Or do you want to simply relax, maybe volunteer your time? Whatever your dream, it is important to build a solid plan and know where you stand financially today. Knowing how stable you are will help you get on track for a successful retirement. And you can begin to build a roadmap to establish your priorities now to achieve your retirement goals later! Money Bitches are intentional with every dollar she earns and saves. Envision your dreams and take ownHERship of your financial future!


When planning for retirement, you should know about social security and health insurance. Social security might be a valuable source of income for you when you retire. But it may not be enough to live on based on your goals! You can find out what your payouts are going to be for early or full retirement here. You should also consider health care, like Medicare. It is important to know application deadlines, what is and is not covered, and how much money you will have to pay out of  pocket. By digging in and doing the work now, you will be more prepared for the future and the retirement you want to live.

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Planning for retirement is not necessarily about age. It is about how much money you will need per year to maintain the lifestyle you’re satisfied with. Saving early has its benefits and can have a significant impact on your retirement. Why? Because of the power of compounding earnings and the longer amount of time you are setting money aside. For women, it is even harder to plan for retirement! On average women are living longer. The longer we live, Money Bitches, the more money we need to save. Make the money move to start saving, right now, no matter how close you are to retirement. You can own your future!


Remember, you do not have to create your roadmap alone! We have created a FREE & VIRTUAL Masterclass for women like you who are ready to Level Up their financial future. Join us on October 15th @ 7:00 pm for our Own Your Future- How to be a #MoneyBitch Masterclass! You will learn more about how to set yourself up for a successful retirement, plus money mindset hacks to build better money habits. Feeling empowered to take the first step? Click this link to get your FREE ticket for our Masterclass! Your ticket will get you access to our private zoom link for the event. Got any questions? Let us know here! We are so excited to meet you *virtually* and help you fulfill your retirement dreams!

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