Whether an entrepreneur or not, we all wear many hats in life and it can be hard to find balance! We’re always being asked to do one more thing and have non-stop digital access to the world around us, which is all the ammo we need to hop on the comparison train. In this PowHER Puff episode, Nicholle dives into why balance is actually bullshi*t, how busyness can create chaos in your life, and the importance of defining success for YOURSELF. She shares a taste of her life and how she practices being more intentional with how she spends her time and as a leader of her company.

In this PowHER Puff episode, Nicholle will cover:

  • Why looking for balance can lead to more stress & what to do instead
  • How being “busy” creates chaos & how to live a more fulfilled lifestyle
  • Letting go of the versions of success created by others & defining it for yourself

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