Are you holding on to friendships or relationships that no longer serve you? Let. Them. Go! Nicholle is joined by another badass, powHERful entrepreneur Sejal Lakhani on this week’s episode of Becoming PowHERhouse. Sejal shares her story of losing her husband suddenly and the choices she had to make as her world was turned upside down. From taking care of her two boys, managing the household, running multiple business, and making space for grief and new experiences, Sejal shares the significance of the relationships in her life that helped her rebuild and thrive today. 

In this conversation, Nicholle & Sejal discuss:

  • Choosing resilience and moving forward in life
  • Cleaning up your circle and being okay with letting some people go
  • Building strong relationships and a network to help you thrive
  • The significance of communication & awareness of roles in a partnership

Sejal’s one-of-a-kind perspective on building businesses from the ground up, connecting with audiences to ignite action and sharing her vulnerable leadership to inspire countless others to transform their lives is what makes her thrive, even in the most challenging of times.

As a mom of two young boys who lost her husband suddenly a few years ago, Sejal has found incredible purpose in speaking to others on how to take charge of their lives through acceptance, gratitude and relentless trust in building connections and communities that are rooted in service and authenticity.

Sejal is also a powerhouse when it comes to architecting success.  She joined her husband’s IT company in 2012 and within two years grew it into one of the most respected IT companies for small-midsize businesses (SMBs) in the tri-state area. Her perseverance and innovation earned her a Gold Stevie Award, NJBIZ Digi-Tech Innovator Award, and recognition as an ROI Power List 2021 Influencer and NJBIZ Best 50 Women in Business.  In 2021,

Sejal launched a second company called CloudWerxe to offer small to mid-sized MSPs a top-of-the-line, secure cloud environment. In addition to her technology career, Sejal is a partner with Norkez Lakhani and co-owner of Rotondos, a liquor store and deli in Clark, NJ.

Prior to her entrepreneurial career, Sejal spent 12 years traveling the country working for leading financial firms and is currently on the Board of EO and Connect 4 Business Exchange. Sejal is also part of several Mastermind groups, is an avid supporter of St. Jude’s and works with organizations that support victims of Human Trafficking.

Today, Sejal finds her calling on the stage helping people discover how to become entrepreneurs of their own lives by teaching them how to show up for themselves, for others, for their family and for everything that they do.

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