Do you feel you have to leave the best parts of yourself at the door in order to make others happy? This week’s guest on Becoming PowHERhouse, Jill Osur, felt this way when she made the decision to start her own business. Jill gave herself the permission to use her voice and asked herself as a leader in the wine industry, what was she doing to be part of the solutions she wanted to see in the world. Born was her company, Teneral Cellars, a women-owned and operated producer of sustainable, phenomenal wines, harnessing the power of business for good.

In this conversation, Nicholle & Jill discuss:

  • Taking action to create change vs. just talking about it
  • Leading with your three “brains”- your mind, heart, & gut
  • Creating an authentic brand in alignment with your values
  • The power business owners have to influence & make an impact

A former UC Berkeley softball player, Jill Osur still draws on her athletic background to hone her leadership style and overcome obstacles. Deeply moved to elevate women and inspire meaningful change, her values have guided her career—first as a savvy political fundraiser, then in marketing with Special Olympics Northern California & Nevada, and now, as an entrepreneur.

Jill has helped launch numerous consumer product companies and ventures focused on “doing well by doing good.” Previously the co-founder and director of California-based winery group GL Enterprises, Jill founded a digital winery, Teneral Cellars, in 2020. Teneral Cellars is driven by Jill’s belief that wine can be a conduit for change; a force for gender equity and social justice within the wine industry and our culture at large.

Jill is a captivating public speaker who helps female executives and entrepreneurs learn how to strengthen their leadership by tapping into the “head, heart, and gut.” As said by one attendee, Jill “puts a firecracker in the room” with her energizing, moving presence. A champion of female power, Jill coaches audiences and clients to embrace their brilliance, leverage full capacity thinking, and show up in alignment with their authentic selves.

Jill is a member of Women Presidents’ Organization, C-Sweet, was a founding board member of the John F. Kennedy University Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership, and is a current advisory board member for Enterprising Women, Women Business Collaborative, and board

member of Hilinski’s Hope Foundation, which provides integrative mental wellness programs for student athletes.

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