Episode 20: The Importance of Investing in Your Brand with Alyson Borowczyk
Episode 20: The Importance of Investing in Your Brand with Alyson Borowczyk

Written by Alyson Borowczyk

February 1, 2023

Entrepreneur. Mom. Social Media PowHERhouse. And so much more, Nicholle is joined by Alyson Borowczyk of Alyson Kelly Design on this week’s episode of Becoming PowHERhouse! Alyson shares her story of how she founded her company when her son was born, leaving a job she loved, to build the life she wanted. Tune in for the biggest lessons Alyson has learned along the way and the tools she uses to show up when things get tough. Plus gain some expert insight on why it’s important to invest in branding for your business!

In this conversation, Nicholle & Alyson discuss:

  • The freedom in being an entrepreneur and working for yourself
  • Viewing obstacles as opportunities to grow
  • Creating and communicating boundaries
  • How your brand is the foundation of your marketing strategy
  • Why you should invest in building your brand

Alyson Borowczyk, MA is the CEO and Creative Director of Alyson Kelly Design, a boutique marketing agency that specializes in brand development, graphic and web design, and social media content creation and management. Alyson and her team have helped hundreds of businesses and nonprofit organizations streamline their messaging and increase their conversions, and Alyson Kelly Design has recently been named one of the Top Social Media Marketing Agencies in Amherst, NY by Expertise.com. When she’s not working, she’s spending time with her family – her husband Aaron, her son Max, and her dog Pierogi; volunteering – she is the WINC Buffalo Advisory Board Secretary and an honoree for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s 2022 Rising Stars class; reading; running/cycling; and watching football, The Office, or a comedy from the 1990s.

Learn more about Alyson Kelly Design HERE!

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