Episode 6: Get Rich When You Niche
Episode 6: Get Rich When You Niche

Written by Alyson Borowczyk

October 12, 2022

Do you feel you have to keep searching to find the right clients? Host Nicholle Overkamp and her business partner, Sarah Blankenship, have been there, feeling like they need to be everything to everyone. In this episode, they share their experience of how taking a more targeted approach of WHO they work with was a game changer. After defining their niche, their business began to grow in alignment with their mission and values. AND their ideal client started coming to them.

In this episode, Nicholle & Sarah will cover:

  • Benefits of working within your niche to elevate your business (and life!)
  • Moving through the fear of being judged or upsetting people
  • How to get specific and define your target market

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