On this week’s episode of Becoming PowHERhouse, Nicholle gets real on what it’s like being an entrepreneur with Jeni Bukolt, Branding Maven & Founder of HAVEN Creative. What started out as a creative outlet while staying home with her son, with her passion and drive, Jeni turned her business into an award-winning community branding agency. Jeni shares the lessons she’s learned along the way and what she believes is the most important thing when creating community and company culture.

In this conversation, Nicholle & Jeni discuss:

  • Hiring and firing- letting go of the fear of letting people go
  • The KEY to building a successful organization
  • The importance of defining your purpose and core values
  • What “Becoming PowHERhouse” means to Jeni!

Jeni Bukolt’s passions include many things: snarky t-shirts, warring against socks and sandals as a fashion trend and, most importantly, community building. Her career in marketing and video production lent itself more readily to community building, which is how she ended up as Founder and CEO for HAVEN Creative LLC, a communications agency located in the Charlotte NC region. HAVEN uses the art of communication to create thriving communities and catapult companies to growth.

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