Looking for ways to guide your teenager on earning some extra money? You’ve found the perfect guide!

We understand they have expenses: those new sneakers, weekend movies, hangouts with friends, and, of course, the ever-growing transportation costs. Plus, it’s never too early to help them plan and save for what lies ahead.

It might appear challenging for them to find suitable ways to earn at this age. However, there’s more to teen earnings than just the occasional birthday and holiday cash. What can your teen do to start building their savings account and manage their own finances? Here are 6 ways your teen can start rolling in the dough!


Babysitting or Pet Sitting

How: Many parents are constantly looking for reliable individuals to watch over their children or pets while they’re away. If your teen is responsible and enjoys spending time with kids or pets, this can be a perfect fit. Even something as simple as babysitting younger siblings or cousins can be a great way to build trust and communication with your teen.

Why It’s a Good Idea: This teaches teens about responsibility and nurtures interpersonal skills. They also earn the trust of families, which can provide them with future opportunities or references .Interacting with parents, children, and pet owners refines a teen’s communication skills. They learn the art of effective conversation, setting boundaries, and addressing concerns or feedback.


Why it rocks for your teen:

Flexibility: Unlike a part-time job with fixed hours, babysitting or pet sitting often offers flexibility. You can work around your school schedule, sports practices, and other commitments.

Decent Pay: Hourly rates for babysitting or pet sitting can be pretty generous, especially if you build a reputation as a reliable sitter or have special skills (like CPR certification for babysitters or experience with specific pet breeds).

Cash on Hand: Most of these gigs pay in cash, which means instant money in your pocket.


Lawn Care or Yard Work

How: Tasks like mowing lawns, gardening, or shoveling snow are sought after, especially by busy homeowners or the elderly. Grass keeps growing, gardens need tending, and in certain climates, snow is a guaranteed seasonal guest. This means there’s regular work available throughout different seasons.

Why It’s a Good Idea: Physical labor promotes good health and the value of hard work. It also provides an immediate sense of accomplishment. Tasks such as mowing lawns, tending to gardens, or clearing snow can be more than just a way for teens to get moving; they can be pretty solid money-makers too, particularly when helping out time-strapped homeowners or the elderly. While some might see these jobs as routine or tough, they’re a win-win for teens – giving them both a good workout and some cash in their pockets once done.


Tutoring or Teaching a Skill

How: So, let’s say your teen’s acing math, strumming the guitar like a pro, or scoring goals in soccer like it’s no big deal. They can channel those talents into tutoring or coaching sessions for classmates or the kiddos in the neighborhood.

Why It Rocks:

Personal Growth: Teaching someone else is one of the best ways to deepen one’s own understanding. It’s one thing to know a subject, and entirely another to explain it clearly to someone else. Breaking down complex topics for others to understand fine-tunes communication skills, teaching the teen patience and clarity. Tutoring is also a great way to meet new people! Not only will they make a new friend, but teens can expand their network, getting to know parents, and potentially even teachers or professionals in the field.

In essence, tutoring or coaching isn’t just a way for teens to make some cash on the side; it’s a pathway for personal growth, skill enhancement, and building meaningful connections.


Selling Handmade Goods & Crafts

There’s a world of platforms out there to kickstart this journey. Etsy, for instance, is like the Holy Grail for crafters. It’s a marketplace specifically tailored for handmade and unique items. Not the online type? No sweat! Local craft fairs or pop-up markets are brilliant spots to set up a little booth, display those crafts, and soak in the ambiance.

But Why Dive into Crafting and Selling?

Boost That Creativity: Crafting isn’t just about making things; it’s about expressing oneself, innovating, and continuously evolving. Each creation can be a reflection of one’s personality, experiences, or aspirations.

Business 101: Selling crafts isn’t just an art; it’s a business. From figuring out costs to setting the right prices, from managing inventory to handling customers – it’s a mini MBA crash course!

Connection and Community: Interacting with customers, whether online or at a fair, is a golden ticket to understanding market needs, getting feedback, and even forming a loyal customer base. Plus, the crafting community? Totally supportive and brimming with tips and tricks.


Car Washing or Detailing

Starting out doesn’t need a ton of fancy equipment. Basic cleaning supplies, a reliable water source, and perhaps some quality car wax are enough. Offering services to neighbors or family friends can kick things off. Or, take it up a notch by setting up a weekend car wash booth in a parking lot (with permission, of course). 

Why is it a good idea?

  1. Real-World Business Lessons: Teens learn about pricing, competition, customer service, and marketing. Setting up shop, even if it’s just at the end of the driveway, offers firsthand insights into the business world
  2. Boosting People Skills: Every car that rolls in is a new opportunity to interact. Whether it’s haggling over prices, understanding specific client requests, or receiving feedback, teens enhance their communication and interpersonal skills—one car at a time.
  3. Cash Flow and Financial Savvy: Handling their earnings teaches teens about the value of money. They learn budgeting basics, the joy of saving, and the importance of investing back into their business, be it for better supplies or advertising.
  4. Building a Client Base: Happy customers often return. Teens learn the importance of building relationships and offering consistent quality, understanding early on that in business, reputation is everything.


Part-time Jobs in Local Businesses

How: Retail shops, fast-food chains, or local recreation centers often hire teenagers for part-time positions. Part-time positions for teens could range from cashier roles to stocking shelves, assisting customers, hosting at a restaurant, coaching young athletes, and more!

Working in retail hones a teen’s interpersonal skills. They learn customer service, how to handle money, the importance of store presentation, and how to manage inventory. The regular interaction with a diverse range of customers can significantly boost a teenager’s confidence and communication skills. Many retail positions often offer flexibility, allowing teens to work around their school and extracurricular activity schedules! 

Why It’s a Good Idea: Working in a structured environment imparts punctuality, teamwork, and the dynamics of a professional setting. It’s also a great way to start building a resume!

Getting teens to start earning isn’t just about the cash; it’s a growth game. It pushes them towards independence, boosts their work values, and gets them mingling with all sorts of folks. Whether it’s showing up on time, meeting deadlines, or just mastering the art of following directions, early work experiences shape their work ethic. It’s not just about getting the job done; it’s about integrity, respect, and dedication. 

That first paycheck is a big leap for teens. It’s the taste of freedom and self-reliance. They start understanding the value of hard work and the satisfaction of earning on their own. Handling their own cash? It’s more than just splurging on that trendy pair of sneakers. It’s about budgeting, saving, and sometimes even investing. Early money lessons can steer them clear of common financial pitfalls in the future. Need help planning your family’s financial future? Book a call with us today!